Pharmacy Management System

Today's pharmacists must be supported by powerful, user-friendly pharmacy management systems that can navigate the complexities of dispensing, inventory management, and point-of-sale functions. Pharmacy Management System allows your pharmacy to process, track, and dispense all prescriptions with the highest level of security, accuracy, and efficiency. Our pharmacy software is a system that can incorporate robotic filling, barcode driven workflow, IVR, inventory management, point of sale, and enterprise management. .

Modules :

Customizable software & generates Reports:

The software is easily customizable and is also capable of generating various reports.

Medicine Purchase Request & Order:

It is to manage the purchase requests and order requests received for the medicines.

Drug issue to Patients & Billing:

This is to maintain the record of drugs issued to patients and also the billing that took place during the day/month/year.

Physical stock verification & adjustment:

This module is responsible to verify the physical stock and the decision, regarding adjustment (if required) can take place.

Supplier & Manufacturer Information:

It is again vital as this keeps a record of the supplier/manufacturer information from whom you buy the medicines/who is responsible for the manufacturing of those medicines.

Reports about stock-in-Hand & complete details of Medicines:

It gives the information of the stock that is in-hand with entire medicine details.

Maintenance of Medicine Stock:

Future decisions can easily be taken on basis of this, by maintaining the medicine stock as this way you know when the stock needs to be updated.

Destruction of Expired Items:

It is again vital to have the information of expired items that need to be destructed so that the process can be held timely.

Return of items nearing Expiry:

There is a record of items nearing the expiry date, so this way they can be returned on time.

Automatic Reorder Level/Minimum Stock Setting:

There is a module in the system of minimum stock setting, so that can be activated by mentioning a minimum stock and Automatic reorder level refers to the quantity threshold at which your software will automatically a new order for stock.