Fleet Management System (FMS)

FMS is a fleet management software used to manage fleets of any size, complexity and type: fleets of cars, heavy duty vehicles, vessels of any type, military vehicles, forklifts and others.

Features :

-Complete organization of the fleet, with the respective technical forms and documentation
-Planning of maintenance with alerts, using a drag and drop calendar
-Control of use and fuel consumption
-Management (with alerts) of the entire fleet’s documentation: insurance, MOTs, certificates, taxes, etc.
-Full history of maintenance
-Cost control of fleet maintenance (per vehicle, vessel, military vehicle, geographic area, etc.)
-Management of parts and lubricants used in vehicles / ships
-Analyses, reports and maintenance indicators, and KPI customized by the user (cost per km, etc.)
-Mobile access for quick insertion of records

Main Advantages :

Our FMS allows fleet managers:

-To save a lot of time in the quick access to all fleet information: technical forms, documentation, work planned, maintenance history, breakdowns, etc.
-The timely planning of maintenance interventions and therefore to boost the availability of the fleet
-To accumulate a maintenance history and make better technical decisions that reduce costs and increase the work life of the fleet
-A thorough control of the fleet’s operations (kms, hours miles, …) and of fuel consumption, identifying areas in which cost reduction is possibly
-A thorough cost control of the fleet in cost-itemized categories